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Cultivating Christ-First Generations

Building on the legacy of Dr. Norman Geisler to train Christians in putting Christ First.

Dr. Norman Geisler

The History of Philosophy (Audio Only)

Many study philosophies for curiosity, skills and abilities. Dr. Norman L. Geisler educator, lector, author has produced this series exploring the works of Plato, Aristotle, Plontinus, Spinoza, Hume, Kant, and other great philosophers.

Dr. Norman Geisler

Logic (Audio Only)

The study of Logic is an opportunity to develop good strong reasoning skills. Crafting logical arguments generally are the best defense against today’s anti-faith anti-religious rhetoric. Using logic properly provides us the opportunity to share the

Dr. Norman Geisler

How Great is Our God (Video Only)

Knowing how great our God is, begins with knowing our God. This series explores the True God and leads you through all God’s attributes. This 12 video series also has accompanying PowerPoint presentations to download and use for further studies.

Dr. Norman Geisler

12 Points that Show Christianity is True - Complete Series (Audio)

Learn to defend your faith with “12 Points that show Christianity is True”. This foundational series that builds logically one topic upon the other in laying down a foundation of Truth. Access to this material is limited to 60 days.

Dr. Norman Geisler

12 Points that Show Christianity is True Austin TX

An abbreviated audio lecture of Dr. Geisler's popular teaching series “12 Points that Show Christianity is True”. This is a great foundational resource in Christian Apologetics.

Dr. Norman Geisler

Defending the Faith in the Post-Modern World

One of Apologetics most respected experts explains Post-Modernism and we can defend the faith in a Post-Modern world.