Dr. Norman Geisler

12 Points that Prove Christianity is True Austin TX

An abbreviated audio lecture of Dr. Geisler's popular teaching series “12 Points that Show Christianity is True”. This is a great foundational resource in Christian Apologetics.

Thomas McCuddy

Foundations Cohort Pilot

This cohort trains believers over the course of a year to share the faith (evangelism), defend the faith (apologetics), and multiply the faith (discipleship) led by a trained NGIM mentor using primarily Dr. Norman Geisler.

Thomas McCuddy

Gospel Primer

A LIVE Webinar (Tuesday, June 26th at 8PM EST). Lesson Content: 1. Components of the Gospel 2. How the Gospel Brings Salvation 3. What Must a Person “Do” to Be Saved 4. Aspects of Salvation 5. Stages of Salvation