How can I be more effective in sharing my faith with the people around me? Isn't this a question most Christians are asking today? 

Is it possible that sharing our faith could be something we enjoy and even look forward to?

We believe so!

In order to make strides in becoming more effective witnesses, we need to learn the art of conversation and we need to have some basic tools in our toolbox when it comes to knowledge of our faith. 

This Introductory course will combine these two essential components of witnessing to show how some basic apologetic knowledge, coupled with some helpful conversational skills, will help you to grow in your ability to share your faith with the people that are in your daily life.

Intro to 12 Point Conversations will be led by Dr. David Geisler and will take you through 6-weeks that are sure to give you the confidence and boost you need in order to see real changes in your everyday conversations with others.

This workshop will focus on the first 3 points of Dr. Norman Geisler's 12 Points that show Christianity is true. You will also be provided with a review of the Conversational Evangelism model.

Begins August 15th.

Meetings are every Sunday from 7-8:30PM EST for 6 weeks.


President and Co-Founder, NGIM

Dr. David Geisler

Building on what his father taught him, David has developed new paradigms of integrating and applying apologetics with evangelism. Together with his late father, Dr. Norman Geisler, David co-authored the book “Conversational Evangelism,” which has since been translated into six languages. David is currently pioneering a 4 R’s model (Rooted, Rested, Ready, Reaching) that integrates apologetics, evangelism, and discipleship. David speaks internationally, offering seminars, training and certificate programs in both his father’s 12 Points and his Conversational Evangelism models. He encourages Christians to reframe apologetics from a 1 Peter 3:15 model, “be ready to give a defense”, to a Matthew 13:23 model, “cultivating good soil.” Using discipleship principles, David motivates the body of Christ to use apologetic tools in sharing the faith in culturally, personally, and spiritually sensitive ways.  Serving as a missionary in Asia from 2004-2011, David trained over 300 bible and seminary students in practical apologetics, many who are now pastors and missionaries all over Asia. He holds a Master in Biblical Studies and a Master in Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministries in Apologetics from Southern Evangelical Seminary, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude. He helped develop a national pilot program for skeptical students with Campus Crusade for Christ (now called CRU) from 1994-1999. He teaches in various seminaries around the globe and as an adjunct professor at both of the seminaries his father founded: Southern Evangelical Seminary and Veritas International University. He also serves on the leadership panel for Intentional Discipleship Making Conferences (IDMC), founded by Rev. Edmund Chan.

Workshop Content

Week 1: Review of Conversational Evangelism

Week 2: Review of the 5 Planks

Week 3: Point 1 and 2: Truth is Knowable / Opposites Cannot Both be True

Week 4: Worldview Replacement

Week 5: Point 3: The Theistic God Exists

Week 6: Integrating the 5 Planks with the 12 Points