The Digital Screening Package gives you everything you need to show the movie and to benefit from the concepts it introduces. 

  • Invite your audience to join you in watching the movie with our marketing materials

  • Lead a group through the workbook as you watch the movie in sections.

  • Dig deeper with two 1-year memberships in the Norm Geisler Institute.

  • Benefit from the premier Q/A panel of Norm's disciples

Norm's story shares how God can work through us to change history, even when we feel not qualified!

"I never thought I'd write

one book, I never thought I'd read a book to begin with, but God could do anything."

- Norm Geisler
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The Digital Screening Package

  • 1

    Screening Package

    • What's Inside

  • 2

    Marketing Materials

    • Social Media Templates

    • Powerpoints

    • Booklet

  • 3

    Study Guide

    • Movie Study Guide: Becoming Available to the God Who Qualifies

  • 4

    Q&A and Message

    • The 4 R's

    • Global Premiere Q&A Panel Recording

    • Connecting With People to Share Jesus

  • 5


    • 2 Self-Paced Memberships

  • 6

    About Your Movie Screening

    • Tell Us About Your Screening

  • 7

    Screening License

    • Sign Your Screening License

  • 8

    The Movie

    • Norm Geisler: Not Qualified - The Movie


  • How many times can I show the movie?

    The screening license covers two screenings only. Additional screening licenses can be added to your purchase of one of our packages.

  • What is the booklet?

    The booklet is a short, printable compilation for movie viewers. It contains short descriptions of key concepts introduced in the movie. It also includes a list of "Geislerisms," concise, truth-filled statements Norm would say to emphasize the most important concepts he taught in over 60 years of ministry.

  • What is the study guide?

    The study guide is designed for a small group or class to watch a section of the movie and then use the accompanying workbook chapter to clarify, discuss, and apply the concepts introduced in the movie.

  • What are the memberships?

    The Norm Geisler Institute offers Self-Paced Workshops that feature videos of Norm and more, based on one of Norm's 100+ books. Memberships also include access to webinars and the growing Norm Geisler Library! Institute memberships will begin on the date of purchase and last for 1 year.

  • What does this movie teach?

    The movie introduces the major concepts of the integrated approach to apologetics Norm developed that shows Christianity is true. It also shares how God used Norm's knowledge transformed his ability to share the gospel, and to model a Christ-first character in mentoring and discipling others.

  • When will this package be released?

    This package will be released for your use on January 1.

What Leaders Say About Norm Geisler

Josh McDowell

"I don't think my son, myself and others would have the influence we have today without Norm. He paid the price, he paved the way, and he set an example.”

J Warner Wallace

"I don’t think I could’ve become a Christian unless I saw that there were people like Norm...He’s opened the door to the possibility of Christian belief, because otherwise I would have said, “No, if I have to turn my brain off in order to do this I’m out.”

Tony Evans

"His legacy is to show that to be saved does not mean to lose the mind...I think that package is what he has given us; in scripture, God’s thoughts, apologetics, defending those thoughts, and then training a generation of people to do just that.”

Raul Ries

"He not only brought the truth, but it opened doors, for pastors, for leaders…In his life the way he demonstrated the truth in getting people to have an ear to what the Holy Spirit said, it was just incredible as God used his life."


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