Essential Doctrines Summer 2020

Essential Doctrines

Mentor Led Workshop | taught by Dr. Thomas McCuddy
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Course description

What does Christianity REALLY teach? 

Have you heard phrases like “people are essentially good," " the Bible was written by men, so it's not really written by God," or even different versions of "the Gospel?" There are many common misconceptions about what Christianity  really teaches that can confuse non-Christians and Christians alike! 

Essential Theology tackles the core teachings that distinguish Christianity from non-Christianity. These are the teachings that must be believed for us to genuinely call ourselves Christ followers.

Building on Norm Geisler's foundational materials of the Christian faith, we can learn how to understand our faith so that we can have deeper conversations with non-Christians about these confusing viewpoints. We invite you to join us to explore the sometimes touchy topics of the gospel, inerrancy, orthodoxy, human depravity, Mary’s Virginity & Christ’s purity, God’s Unity & Triunity, faith & grace, Christ’s death, resurrection, ascension and return.

Based on Norm Geisler’s

Conviction Without Compromise


What is Mentor-led?

Mentor-led means you get every material you would usually get in a self-paced workshop (videos, handouts, quizzes, etc.), plus the chance to discuss these topics in weekly video discussion sessions! Guided by your mentor, you and your class can bring all your questions to the table to find answers. 

When does this workshop start?

Weekly video discussion sessions for this workshop meet Thursday nights from 7PM until 8:30 EST starting May 7, 2020 and ending July 23, 2020.

What is the goal of this workshop?

This mentor-led workshop is ideal for anyone who wants to firmly establish their doctrine in the historic orthodox faith. 

Dr. Thomas McCuddy
Dr. Thomas McCuddy
Director, Norm Geisler Institute

Thomas served in various roles as volunteer, church staff, and pastor for over 20 years across Tennessee and North Carolina. Thomas began learning from Dr. Norm Geisler in 2003 at Southern Evangelical Seminary. Thomas studied under Dr. Geisler for five years earning his Master's Degree in Biblical Studies, and in 2013, Thomas began pursuing a Doctorate of Ministry from SES. He again sat under Dr. Norm Geisler's teaching, and in 2015, he met Dr. David Geisler and learned Conversational Evangelism, and that was when Thomas first joined NGIM.

Thomas has a heart for the local church and desires to help ministers fulfill their calling by helping equip believers for the work of the ministry. To this end, Thomas serves as Director of the Norm Geisler Institute to train, equip, mentor, and guide believers to fulfill their calling and grow in the faith.

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