12 Points that Show Christianity is True

taught by Dr. Norman Geisler

Course description

This popular teaching series has been newly enhanced and provides a step-by-step defense of the Christian Faith. It follows the book “12 Points that Show Christianity is True” and covers each chapter. Each topic flows logically from a Foundation of Truth through Theism, Miracles, the Reliability of the New Testament, the Claims and Proofs of the Deity of Jesus, and Jesus’ View of the Scriptures. This is a great foundational resource in Christian Apologetics for all who desire to defend their faith.

Dr. Norman Geisler
Dr. Norman Geisler
Co-Founder of NGIM

Dr. Norman Geisler, PhD, is a prolific author, veteran professor, speaker, lecturer, traveler, philosopher, apologist, evangelist, and theologian. To those who ask, “Who is Norm Geisler?” some have suggested, “Imagine a cross between Thomas Aquinas and Billy Graham and you’re not too far off.”

Norm has authored or co-authored over 100 books and hundreds of articles. He has taught theology, philosophy, and apologetics on the college or graduate level for over 50 years. He has served as a professor at some of the finest Seminaries in the United States, including Trinity Evangelical Seminary, and Dallas Theological Seminary. He now lends his talents to Veritas Evangelical Seminary and to Southern Evangelical Seminary.

Course Curriculum

12. Therefore, the Bible is the Word of God; Anything opposed to it is False
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